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Malaki Shisha Hookah Tobacco 250g

Malaki Shisha Hookah Tobacco 250g

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Malaki Molasses Amazon Shisha Tobacco

Malaki Hookah Tobacco is hand stripped to be consistent and sensorial from start to finish. Malaki Molasses offers a modern take on traditional Hookah Flavors. Each flavor is naturally infused and crafted to reflect a variety of tastes from around the globe. Malaki Amazon will take your hookah sessions on new adventures.

Malaki Hookah Flavor Descriptions

Malaki Amazon Flavor Description

Like the winding river itself, Malaki Amazon Molasses takes you on an exotic, tropical adventure into uncharted territory.

Malaki Blue Cloud Flavor Description

The pinnacle of relaxation, Malaki Tobacco Blue Cloud is designed for smoothness and takes you closer to serenity.

Malaki Blueberry Flavor Description

A mature swirl of acidity and sweetness just plucked from the wild to tantalize the senses.

Malaki Citrus Flavor Description

A range of citrus fruits working together harmoniously to provide you with a perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Malaki Cool Breeze Flavor Description

Like a light wind off the Mediterranean, Malaki Cool Breeze promises the possibility of new pleasures to come.

Malaki Grape Flavor Description

A slow developing tanginess that evolves in waves, each time revealing a new layer of sun-soaked freshness.

Malaki Lemon Mint Flavor Description

A delicate balance of fruity tartness and refreshing cool creates excitement and delight.

Malaki Mint Gum Flavor Description

Bracingly fresh and highly sensorial, an ancient flavor to rejuvenate the body and uplift spirits.

Malaki Orange Flavor Description

Radiant and golden, our orange nectar bursts with exotic perfection.

Malaki White Peach Flavor Description

Like a breezy summer night, Malaki Shisha White Peach will give you the chills with every puff of crisp sweetness.


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